My Giving Back - Help

Getting Help in the App

Help is integrated into the app and can be accessed by pressing the Help icon Help icon in the top right corner of the respective screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do donations get added to goal progress?

Donations that meet the goal's specified criteria (Fall in the date range and are of the same type) will automatically be included in the goal's progress. If you specify an organization and/or charity in your goal, the donation much match those criteria as well to be included.

2. If I do charity work on behalf of a charitable group, how do I track those specific activities?

You can specify an organization when entering a donation into the app by selecting the switch next to "Specify an Organization" and entering the name of the organization you are representing. Goals and Exports that specify this organization will include only items for that particular organization

3. How do I set goals that track only specific donations?

When creating your goal, specify an organization by selecting the switch next to "Specify an Organization" and entering a name that represents your goal. Use your personal organization when entering donations to have them included in your goal.

4. Can I have multiple organizations?

You can specify as many organizations as you like; however, you can only specify one organization per goal and one organization per donation.