Open House Pro

Open House Pro is a tool for Real Estate Agents to make the most of hosting Open Houses. Plan, Host, Follow Up, and Close Business.


Plan your Open House effectively utilizing a custom To Do List for each of your events. Check off items as you complete each one and never miss an important step in the process. Your default list of common items can be automatically imported to save time.


Your tablet is your Sign In sheet. Cutomize the screen to include your personal information and photo. Choose the backgound from any image on your tablet, or use the standard photo. The Sign In screen can be opened and closed easily so you can switch between tasks to make notes in the contact screen or answer questions and provide additional information to your customers.

Follow Up

When your Open House is complete, you will have a list of all of your contacts and their information. Follow Up with your contacts by phone, or by initiating an email from the app. Make any additional notes and Check off each contact as you complete your Follow Up. Follow Up with the Seller using all of the information gathered during your Open House.


You planned effectively and used your Notes and To Do Items to ensure a professional experience for the Seller and the Contacts. Export your new Contacts and add them to your Contact Management System. Use this foundation to Close transactions.


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